Mysterious Easter Island Heads Have Bodies Too [VIDEO]

The Easter Island statues, also known as Moai, have long been a mystery to scientists and archaeologists alike. These ancient stone giants, which are known for their human-like characteristics, have stumped experts for generations with their enigmatic presence on the island. According to legend, these massive stone figures walked to their places on the island hundreds of years ago. But new findings may shed light on the true nature of these mysterious statues and how they came to be.

Jo Anne Van Tilburg, an archaeologist who has spent decades investigating the Moai, has made some exciting discoveries about these statues. In recent excavations, she has found evidence of postholes and rope guides cut into the bedrock, suggesting that the Rapa Nui people were fully capable of raising the statues upright in place on flat ground. This new information changes previous theories about how the statues were placed and shows that the Rapa Nui were clever, careful planners with fine resources of rope and posts.

The discovery of unique hand details on one of the excavated statues is particularly exciting. The hands on this statue are carved in a completely different way than the hands on hundreds of other statues that have been documented. This finding shows that the artists, families, and people involved in creating these statues were innovating and changing their techniques.

Jo Anne Van Tilburg is returning to Easter Island to continue her research and find answers to the question of how to preserve these precious artifacts. With over a thousand statues on the island, not all of them can be saved, and Van Tilburg is dedicated to finding a solution to this pressing issue.

Her goal is to find a way to allow the past to be saved for the future, so that future generations can enjoy the mysterious beauty of these ancient stone giants.

The Moai of Easter Island have long been shrouded in mystery and speculation. However, recent discoveries by Van Tilburg and her team have shed new light on the true nature of these ancient statues and the people who created them. As she continues her research, we look forward to hearing about the exciting new findings that she will uncover on her next trip to the island.