Located on the southern part of Oregon Coast, Wizard’s hat Oregon is a singular pointed rock on the coast of Bandon. The rock is placed in middle of serenity of the beach of Bandon, surrounded by tranquil waters and lovely sand- two things that make Oregon travel for all travelers coming here worth every penny.

The wizard's hat of Bandon, OregonWizard’s hat, Bandon, Oregon attracts people from all over the world for several reasons. The place offers quiet and peace of a beach non-existent on many other more popular beaches of the world. Also, the picturesque location of the sea stack lures lovers of photography at all times. A low tide and sunset is all that is needed to devour the beauty of Wizard’s Hat, Bandon in all its glory.

The main attraction for tourists visiting Wizard’s Hat, Bando, Oregon is its unique shape that has uncanny resemblance to a wizard’s hat. The ambiance of the place, on a clear evening is nothing short of magical. The water looks inviting but like most parts of Oregon Coast, Bandon is unsuitable for swimming. But while in Bandon, tourists can enjoy other aspects of Oregon Travel like visiting one of the golf courses in Bandon. For golf lovers, it is definitely heaven. Bandon dunes, museums and art galleries are other things sure to keep tourists occupied throughout their day, and happily so. And to unwind at end of a long happy day, there awaits the long untarnished coast of Oregon with its beautiful rocks and seascapes.


Accommodation is no trouble for travelers on Oregon travel. Wizard’s Hat, Bandon, Oregon is located on the Oregon Coast, close to the main land. As such, lots of hotels with wide price range can be found in the area. Several hotels can even offer rooms that allow tourists a direct view of raging windstorm over the Oregon coast, along with spectacular view of the beach.